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Unexploded Bombs in Hessle

I was born in 1938 in Hessle and remember the bombing very clearly. We would sit in the east facing attic window of our home on South Lane and see the flames of Hull after bombing raids. We had our windows blown out with the bombing raids' concussion. It was only after the war that I believe 3 unexploded bombs were found in the playing (rec.) fields down by the R. Humber just below the Hessle Railroad Station, I remember watching the demolition from afar from the railroad bridge on Station Road. Thanks for all your research - it's only 70 years ago!! Does history repeat itself - it does if you don't remember. Elizabeth K. Olsen

Springhead Pumping Station

I was aged five+ at the time of the most severe bombing of Hull. I lived on the east side of Norland Avenue. From leaving the house to going down to our air raid shelter I had a very good view over the city as at that time there were only playing fields to East of were I lived. I could see the anti aircraft rockets climbing from there Hedon Road site towards any aircraft trapped in the beams of the searchlights. They never seemed to make the height. My copy of an East Coast Town is misplaced at the present as it mentions the two rockets that were launched over the North Sea from an aircraft in circa 1943. I watched these approach from over Hull and pass us by to the North. One dropped and exploded just to the South of the Springhead pumping station. George Dines